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For Those Who Love To Rock, We Salute You!

AOA Addicts - For fans of Arms Of Atlas
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Somebody alert Jessica Simpson: something tastier than buffalo wings has emerged out of Buffalo. Grab a bite of Arms Of Atlas, an uncompromising rock band that is creating a buzz around SoCal with its unique blend of edgy riffs and punk rock energy.

Originally formed in the Buffalo/Rochester NY area, and a few lineup changes later, AOA has what it takes to emerge at the forefront of rock -- and to AOA from all their fans, we salute you!


Shoup - Drums
Jeff - Bass/Vocals
Steve - Guitar pooponsteve
Dean - Guitar

Check out the official AOA webpage for updates on the band, tour dates, and their new album scheduled to be released at the beginning of 2005.

Join the AOA Street Team!

This journal was created by:whitey_mcfly for all fans of AOA, new and old, to join. Post photography of the band, share stories about shows, talk about their music, leave messages for the band, and other fun shit like that. And if you haven't heard of AOA, then listen to them now.

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