Steve (pooponsteve) wrote in aoa_addicts,

yeehaw first non-whitey entry

oh yea first entry in our aoa community not by somebody named whitey mcfly. (don't kill me leigh.) we will be posting naked pictures of each of the band members in the near future so stay tuned. also if anybody has any ideas on how to further pimp out our community let us know. right now it appears to be prepped for halloween. or maybe those are just the official AOA colors. what is everybody doin for halloween anyway? everyone keeps telling me to dress up as bruce lee. maybe that's their way of telling me to get a haircut. anyway, in the meantime, here's a nice little picture (courtesy of my "friend" ted) of some of my costumes from a few years back. this was a nice look, eh?

ugh, i'm sorry, i shouldn't have showed you that.

p.s. get more people to join our community!
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