leigh (whitey_mcfly) wrote in aoa_addicts,

So the guys took their first set of new promo pics this weekend and I decided to post a few, even if they sucked, for you all to see. Just some FYI: The pictures may look a bit stretched as I wasn’t able to re-size them during work today…

Promo Pictures Taken in Downtown Los Angeles
It was a sunny day

Nice glasses buddy


The wall

Steve’s “Happy” face
It was a sunny day

Jeff’s “I am too cool for you” face
It was a sunny day

Dean’s “I’m special” face
It was a sunny day

Shoup, just plain lost
It was a sunny day

Jeff having a delightful time at the studio recording
It was a sunny day

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the 4th one is good and i like the one with the building too. although i can't tell if steve's eyes are shut or not. and of course steve's happy picture is also a favorite.
i like the first one where i'm standing like i have to pee really badly.